When to say 'no thanks' after a meet and greet

Author picture Jessica  - updated: 04/07/2019

So….you’re on Pawshake and everything is going smoothly. You’ve been messaging each other and today is the day to meet up in person, happy days! 

We always say there is no obligation to say yes to a booking after a meet and greet…but why on earth would that ever come up? 

Here are few issues that can be red flags if you are a pet sitter or pet owner….pay attention and take ownership over your decision, because you want to be sure you’ve found a purrfect pet-to-person match!

As a starting point, check out our guide to matching your pet with the right type of pet sitter and meeting and greeting the right way.

Pet sitters, a few things for you to think about that might mean you might not be the right ‘fit’:

  • The pet is vastly different to their description online – if you can’t take on a big dog because you haven’t the physical strength to walk it, don’t say yes to be kind!
  • The pet isn’t microchipped or vaccinated.
  • The pet isn’t suited to your schedule or availability. Are you working full-time? Then rethink pet sitting a boisterous puppy or cattle dog that needs three big walks a day.
  • The pet behaves differently in front of you to how it has been described. If a dog acts nervous or aggressive, it’s not safe to rely on a promise that it will ‘settle in’. 
  • You feel out of your depth in any way.

Pet owners, some things to be aware of during a meet and greet that might mean you should try a different sitter:

  • The pet sitter’s home just isn’t quite right for your pet. What does your pet need? Is the garden is too small, or is there no garden at all? Do you think the house doesn’t look appropriately pet-proofed? 
  • The pet sitter has a career that isn’t suited to your pet. Have a puppy that needs a lot of attention? If the pet sitter works full-time, rethink agreeing to a booking. 

And for both:

  • The meet and greet has had to be rescheduled a number of times, or is running really late without reason. Sure – traffic can be a pain, plans come up: this is all understandable. You just want to make sure the rescheduling is genuine and not just a result of being really overcommitted or unsuited.
  • You’re asked to arrange the booking offline, either fully or partially in cash. This means your booking is entirely outside of Pawshake. We can’t step in to help or refund you, and the sitter won’t receive a review at the end of the stay.
  • You’re asked to go ahead with the booking without meeting up. You must meet up in person, including with the furry client! 
  • You feel rushed or like the other party isn’t asking any questions or giving any important details, such as what to do in an emergency.
  • You feel uncomfortable in any way. Trust your gut, because it’s usually right!

Every day, thousands of pet parents, sitters and pets have fantastic experiences through Pawshake. Be smart, trust your instincts and remember that you aren’t alone, so please contact us anytime if you’re not sure what to do. 

We talk to Pawshakers every day about their experiences and are all experienced pet sitters ourselves, so trust us – we’ve heard it all, and can always point you in the right direction!