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A sitter stays overnight in your home

House and pet care for while you are away

A house sitter will stay at your home while you are away to care for your pets and keep an eye on your home.

House sitting is a perfect choice for pets that prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. Our house sitters are also a more cost effective option if you own several pets.

With house sitting, your house will be lived-in and far more secure with a trusted house sitter coming and going than an empty home.

How does it work?

Securing a house sitting booking with Pawshake is easy and safe.

1. Search for a sitter

Choose from a range of experienced house sitting professionals nearby.

2. Organise a free meet and greet

Meet your sitter for free before you make a house sitting booking to make sure it’s a perfect match.

3. Safely confirm your booking

Benefit from in-house customer support and free veterinary coverage for your pet.

Why choose Pawshake for house sitting?

We've got you and your pet covered

Peace of mind guarantee

We care about the happiness and safety of you, your home and your pet.
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Experienced local sitters

We have experienced, qualified and reliable local sitters for house sitting services.

Vetted sitters

Every single sitter’s house sitter profile is individually reviewed by our dedicated Trust and Safety team. We only accept 15% of house sitting applications.
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Contactless payments

Pawshake’s safe and cashless booking process means that sitters only get paid after they complete the house sitting booking.

See what Pawshake house sitting clients have to say!

Read real house sitting reviews from happy pet owners

House Sitting
Angela, 28-01-2023
Desiree is an amazing pet sitter. She will take care of your pets like her own. After providing her with an 8-page instruction manual, she was able to follow instructions very closely. She asked questions when needed and anticipated some of the issues that could come up. She thought about what was best for the cats and went above and beyond to make sure they were taken care of. She would regularly consult us through the app to provide updates and pictures and to ask any questions. One of our cats, Buffy, started to have health problems the month before we were set to travel out of the country. We had started to investigate the cause of her problems, but she still needed to go to the veterinarian for an ultrasound. Desiree was kind enough to be willing to bring Buffy to the vet for us on the very first day she started the job. The vet gave her some medication in pill form that needed to be crushed into Buffy's wet food and Desiree was willing to do that for us throughout our time away. We shared our weight goals for the cats with Desiree. Feeding them the wet food is done once a day in the evening. In addition to the medication pill, Buffy also needs a laxative powder added to her wet food. Desiree was always willing to measure out the portions of food using a scale for each of the three cats and to ensure they got the required amount of calories. Our dry food is dispensed automatically a few times a day by electronic feeders, one for each cat with different foods. We hadn't been using them for that long, so the cats are still getting used to them. She made sure they went to the right dry feeder when there was confusion. She cleaned the cat litter and watered our many houseplants. She took in our mail from the mailbox and even received a few packages that we had ordered for delivery. We told her where the cleaning supplies were so she could use them in case of messes made by the cats or puking by Buffy. Once again, she went above and beyond by vacuuming the floor. We were so glad to have her there to care for our cats while we were away. It really put us at ease about them being left behind, and we could tell they were thriving under her supervision. We could tell the cats loved having her around and had grown quite comfortable with her to the point of sitting on her and even sleeping with her. When it was time for us to return home, we encountered some flight difficulties, missed a flight, and then the last leg of our flight was delayed several times. Despite our contract with her being completed, Desiree continued to check in with us and volunteered her services for longer than was originally agreed to. And she did it out of the goodness of her heart. S he continued to message us for updates and kept coming to check on the cats and feed them their wet food. We highly recommend Desiree, and we will use her services again the next time we travel.
House Sitting
Carolyn, 06-01-2023
Lauren was an incredible pet sitter -- it was our first time using a pet sitter and she set the bar high. She visited us to get the lay of the land (we have a lot of pets), and then had us provide videos of how we feed and manage the pets so she knew exactly what to do. She was able to respond flexibly as the medical needs of one pet evolved, and took great care of our home as well. We looked forward to her photos and videos of our pets doing their thing every day while we were away. We couldn't recommend her more highly, and won't hesitate to use her services again.

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Frequently asked questions

Your house sitting questions answered

What is house sitting?

House sitting is an in-home pet care service. A sitter comes to stay at your home for the duration of the time you are away to care for your pets and keep an eye on your home.

Is house sitting a good option for me and my pets?

House sitting is a perfect choice for pets that prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. Your house will also be lived-in and far more secure with a trusted house sitter coming and going than an empty home.

Who will be house sitting in my home?

Pawshake only accepts sitters who have experience and/or qualifications caring for pets. You will get to search, choose and have a free meet and greet with your house sitter prior to making a booking.

Will the house sitter keep me posted about how my pet is doing?

Your sitter will send you daily text and photo updates through Pawshake or your preferred choice of communication. This is included as part of your booking and there is no additional cost required.

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