Soothing your dog’s dry flakey skin

Soothing your dog’s dry flakey skin


The cool, dry air in winter can really batter our skin – but did you know the same goes for your dog? 

As well as the weather, other factors such as heating or air conditioning, drinking less fluids in the chilly weather, over or under bathing and diet can really add up to some downright itchy skin conditions. Older dogs too can suffer from dry skin more than puppies.

First things first - always chat with you’re your friendly vet because they will be able to pin point the source of your doggy’s dry skin. For instance, they may determine that your dog is having an allergic reaction to fleas or their shampoo, diagnose a skin condition, a dietary problem or even an underlying illness such as a liver problem. Depending on the issue your vet might then discuss an oral treatment, a change of diet, a topical ointment or vitamin supplements.  

If it’s a simple case of a dry, cool climate, here are a few simple home remedies you can discuss with your vet.

Pamper your pooch properly!

Perhaps your dog needs more or less baths in winter, a change in doggy shampoo to a product for sensitive skin, or less hot blow-drying – your vet will have some recommendations for your furry friend’s specific needs. 

Brushing your dog’s coat more often will also increase oil production and remove dead skin and fur. This will assist in keeping their skin soft and their fur shiny and flake-free.

Keep your doggo hydrated

Make sure your dog always has loads of fresh water during the winter. If your dog is on a diet of dry food, it’s worth chatting to your vet about incorporating more moisture into their diet in the form of meat, wet food or raw food. They may also recommend specific oil capsules or other supplements. 

Keep the air moist

If you use air-conditioning during the winter, why not consider purchasing a humidifier? It will put moisture back in the air and assist in treating dry, cracked skin on your dog AND on you!

Home-made topical remedies

Who doesn’t love a nice, gentle oil massage!

Here are two simple, healthy oils remedies from around the house that you can apply to your doggo’s skin to assist in healing dry skin and cracked, sore paws. 

Be sure to test a small amount of oil on a patch of skin 48 hours before applying properly, just to be sure your dog doesn’t have a reaction. And don’t apply these oils directly to any wounds or scratches.

After applying the oil to your dog’s skin and fur, it’s a good idea to give them a gentle brush to remove any excess (as well as any dead fur or skin). 

  • Olive oil - go with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil for your fur baby. Mix 5-10 drops of olive oil into a cup of water and massage onto your dogs fur and skin, then gently dab dry with a paper towel and brush out. Alternatively add just a few drops to your dog’s usual shampoo. 
  • Coconut oil - use the good stuff of course – an organic coconut oil is recommended over cheaper brands! Rub a very small dab of coconut oil between your palms and massage gently through your dog’s fur down to their skin. Follow by gently brushing out.