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1. Dawn

1 km
24 reviews
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Loving Pet Care In Your Home

Last contacted 8 days ago
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1. Dawn

Loving Pet Care In Your Home1 km
(24 reviews)
16 recurring guests
Last contacted 8 days ago
Last active today
"Dawn went above and beyond. She came twice to see us before our trip: after I first booked, and then just before we left, to finalize arrangements. But of course she was unable even to catch a glimpse of our cats, who are terrified of big bad strangers and find boxes or corners to hide in as soon as one is seen through a window. We worked out all the arrangements - coming in twice a day, because Spud has a condition that requires twice daily medication. It would have to be mixed into her tinned food in the room where she would be kept separated. (This sound heartless ... but we are slaves to this cat and her meds and were looking forward to a few days away for the first time in a long time!) The other two cats would get a chance to eat crunchies at will, which they would be thrilled with, and just left to their own devices with the dry food and water kept topped up. So of course Spud came down with her condition (okay ... deformed hipbones from feral inbreeding, which means poop can't get out) -- the day before we were to go away. And of course, that was the day the vet had closed at noon. Seriously, eh? We had to catch a 3 a.m. bus that night, for a long-planned 6-day trip out of town. That meant leaving the cat in her carrier in our house until Dawn could get her to the vet when they opened (I had already given her authorization with them, in case something came up), since she could not possibly have nabbed Spud to do that herself. She delivered Spud to the vet first thing, and kept in touch with me. As it turned out, our trip was cut slightly short, so the day after we returned, Dawn picked me up to fetch the cat (we don't drive) and brought us home. If Dawn can cope with high-maintenance Spud, she can do anything!"
KReview by Kathryn

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Why cat sitting ?

Many cat owners will understand that cats can be fussy and prefer their own home environment rather than an unfamiliar place like a cattery or cat hotel. Although some cats can adapt to cat boarding if they have to, most cats become stressed when transported somewhere new.

This is where a friendly St. Thomas Pawshake cat feeder or carer can help. Our St. Thomas cat sitting expert can come and visit your cat while you are away on holiday or at work. A cat sitter can even stay overnight if required, which is far less stressful than sending your feline friend to a cattery for cat boarding. Whether you just need a sitter for a couple of hours or someone to visit each day for a week, our St. Thomas cat sitters can tailor their service to suit you and please even the fussiest kitty.

Although most cats are independent, having a cat carer visit has a lot of benefits. Your chosen Pawshake cat sitter can feed, freshen up the water bowl, tidy the litter tray, and spend quality time with your cat. And unlike a cattery or cat hotel, your cat can chill out in their own familiar space.

Finally, every booking with Pawshake is with a verified carer and includes the Pawshake Guarantee and veterinary coverage, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your feline companion!

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