How to stop your cat from eating too fast

How to stop your cat from eating too fast


Is it bad for my cat to eat so fast?

In an ideal world, your cat shouldn’t eat their dinner super quickly. The reason for this is that cats have sensitive stomachs, and fast eating can lead to vomiting. At worst, fast eating can lead to long-term health problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

Cats shouldn't eat quickly. Here's how to make a slow feeder for your cat.

Likewise, slowing down your cat’s eating can prevent boredom, helps them to feel full (and therefore prevents obesity). Slow eating gives your cat extra mental and physical exercise, which is really important if they are indoors a lot.

How to slow your cat's eating

One way to slow your cat’s eating is to feed them in smaller amounts throughout the day. If you are at work, you can arrange a cat sitter to drop by during the day to give your cat one portion of their daily meal.

Another option is to make a slow feeder using items from around the house. This is a really healthy way for your cat to eat their food, and is easier to make at home than you might think! These slow feeders are designed for cat biscuits, so make sure you choose a high-quality brand recommended by your vet.

Important: always supervise your cat around these slow feeders, and make sure you check boxes and packaging for any hidden staples.

Check out the video below to see each slow feeder in action:

Slow feeder 1

Scatter some cat biscuits into an empty cereal box or envelope and close by loosely folding the lid over. Your cat will have to bat the box or envelope around and scoop the biscuits out with their paws.

Slow feeder 2

Fill a deep bowl with cat biscuits and turn a cup (preferably a heavier one without a handle) upside down in the centre. Your cat will have to scoop them biscuits out one at a time.

Slow feeder 3 

Use an empty ice-cube tray and scatter cat biscuits through it. This one is a little more narrow and can be a little trickier for your cat. Tip: you might need to hold this still or anchor it with some heavy books so your cat doesn't push it over.

We hope your cat has fun using these feeders! If your cat needs extra stimulation and exercise during the day, head to Pawshake and book one of our excellent local cat sitters. Rest assured know that you will return home to a happy, contented cat.