Cpr Certified Carer Of Pets

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Cpr Certified Carer Of Pets

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One home visit per day

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C $ 20 /day

Two home visits per day

Syd comes to your place .
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C $ 40 /day

Dog walking

Syd will walk your dog .
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C $ 20 /walk
(C $15 for each additional pet )

House sitting

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C $ 45 /night
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Hi, I'm Syd!

There are regular people, there are dog people, and then there's me. As a certified domestic animal First Responder, not only will I provide loving care for your pet, I will also provide safe care. My love of animals proves the age old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Because I could never have a pet as a kid (my mother somehow convinced me that she was allergic to every animal), I became the neighborhood pet sitter at the age of 12, always asking to play with everyone else's pets. Once the novelty of a new puppy or cute kitten wore off for my friends, I offered to take the pups for walks and endure the sometimes painful task of kitty's first bath. As an adult, I found out people actually wanted to pay me to hang out with their pets and I began pet sitting and dog walking for friends and members of my community. I continued this when I went to university, where I studied Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources. Not only have I learned about human productivity, I have also learned about the origins of human behaviour and instinct and how they are intrinsically linked to animal behaviour. My training as a domestic animal First Responder has taught me the responsibility and attentiveness needed to meet your pet's unique and personal needs. I am fun-loving, patient and excited for my next opportunity to spread some love to a new two, four, six or even eight legged friend! :)

Specific Skills

I speak English, French & Spanish
Familiar with dog training techniques
<1 year of experience
I can take care of exotic animals

- Pet CPR & First Aid Certified 

I can administer

Oral medications
First aid and CPR for pets

I have experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Artboard Behavioural problems
Rescuing pets


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Flexible cancellation policy

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