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Loving Pet Care

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Montreal Pawshaker since Dec 2017
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Erica's furry clients.


Hi, I'm Erica!

Hello, I am an exchange student in Montreal and I am away from my own cats and dog so to make up for all the fur that is not on my clothes I would love to take care of your furry friends. 

I have a lot of experience with cats and dogs: I have had 6 cats and 2 dogs and have regularly taken care of my friends' and families' pets when they were away. 

I live in a shared apartment so I prefer to take care of your pets at your place. I can come over in the moring and the evening for food as well as take them out for walks during the day. Cats are welcome to stay at my house during the day as well as sleep over.

Specific Skills

I speak English, French, German & Italian
Familiar with dog training techniques
10+ years of experience

I have experience with giving cats and dogs medication and with pets who are not very trusting of humans. 

I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Rescuing pets


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

No kids
A small outdoor area

I can provide

24/7 supervision

Resident Pets

When your pet stays with me

I accept

Small animals (rodents, rabbits, birds...)

Walking areas

Urban & city park
Nearby off-leash dog area

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