Enthusiastic, Affectionate And Responsible, Pet Sitter - Calgary Area

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Enthusiastic, Affectionate And Responsible, Pet Sitter - Calgary Area

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Tania's furry clients.

Stella And Bradley
Oscar, Eddie
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Stella And Bradley

Hi, I'm Tania!

I am a dog person, through and through! From growing up with an energetic American Eskimo to being the puppy-auntie to over 15 dogs, I surround myself with any and every breed!

Throughout the past 8 years, I have looked after approximately 40 dogs (overnight stays to afternoon walks, and so on) and in some cases, multiple dogs at the same time. I show a lot of affection towards dogs (petting, baby talk, playing, etc.) and I believe it helps to bond with the dog and build trust. I typically like to visit the dog before committing to visits/sitting as I want the dog to be familiar with my smell and presence alongside their owners.

 ***Please note I can accommodate daily visits but only after 4:30 PM as I work Monday to Friday during the day***

Currently, I am not able to a have a dog of my own, BUT in the next few years, looking for a dog of my own. In the meantime, I get my dog fix from friends and clients. I adore dogs (more than humans) and believe they bring magic, love, and laughter into our lives. I respect dogs' boundaries and ensure they are always comfortable and happy. I am a working professional who enjoys spending time with friends, keeping active, reading books (specifically thriller and fiction novels), and enjoy all sorts of movies. I am a down to earth and responsible individual who will LOVE your dog(s).

Specific Skills

I speak English & French
Familiar with dog training techniques
5+ years of experience

I don't have any professional pet related skills but with having pets my whole life I'm very good with understanding what an animal is trying to express. I'm sensitive to animals and always makes sure they are getting what they need!

I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Artboard Behavioural problems
Rescuing pets


Last minute bookings
Strict cancellation policy
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